Troubleshooting Shoes!

Do you have issues finding shoes that fit?

Are you always searching for shoes that are comfortable but still look fab?

I get lots of messages from girls asking me for fit advice and I am only too happy to help!

I've always found it tough to find shoes that fit well and thought it must just be me... I've now learnt that many women face this issue.

Wide Feet

I have wide feet myself so I can say that I adore the Smitten heels range by Pin Up Couture.  I've never had a problem wearing these styles and find them very comfortable.

Pin Up Couture Smitten T-Bar Heels

Narrow Feet

I have found the I Love Billy range to be slightly narrow. I recommend these styles for regular width to narrow feet.  This is not to say they're out of the question for wider footer ladies but I do recommend to size up if you're on the slightly larger side of a size.

Find heels uncomfortable?

I've tried lots and lots of shoe brands in my quest to find really comfortable shoes.  Now we are all different so what works for me might not work for the next lady but I find Pin Up Couture shoes extremely comfortable - especially in their newer styles.  The latest styles have this inbuilt padded heart which acts like built in party feet! 

Of course it goes without saying, the heel height of your shoe plays a major factor in how comfortable you will be.  The new Pin Up Couture Wiggle heels feature a 2.5 inch block heel making them perfect for wearing for longer periods of time.

Pinup Couture Wiggle Heels

If you still find heels uncomfortable or just want extra comfort, I swear by foam half-insoles.  I've been wearing these for years and feel like they're more comfortable than the gel inserts.  You can generally buy these from most shoe stores (I got my last pair from Spendless shoes).  

Between sizes?

If you're a half size you've probably had a little trouble finding brands that do half sizes.  Whilst we don't stock any brands that currently manufacture half sizes, there are some styles that fit like half sizes.  

Pin Up Couture Cutie Pie Heels

Pin Up Couture Smitten Heels

I also recommend any style with a T-Bar strap or Mary Jane strap.  If you order a size a little larger than your normal size, the straps will ensure your foot is not slipping out of your shoe and you can always pop a half insole to fill in any excess room whilst adding extra comfort.

Pinup Couture Smitten T-Bar Heels Australia

As always, I'm here to help! Please do not hesitate to call or email for personalised fit advice.  





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