New Year's Resolutions with The Desi Pinup!

Well ladies, it's now February - how are you all going with your resolutions?

This year, mine were:

* Stress Less - everything always works out in the end

* Positive attitude brings positive outcomes - I want to be less negative and try to bring more positivity to my life

* Grow my business even further

I'm pleased to say that my resolutions are going well so far.  I didn't want to promise myself anything crazy, just little things that will make me happier.

Now, let's check out The Desi Pinup's resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions with The Desi Pinup!

1. Spend Less Time on Instagram:

Oh, I'm guilty of this one.  But actually for me it's mainly Facebook!  

Spend Less Time on Instagram - The Desi Pinup

2. Gossip Less: 

I'm sure we've all done this at some point!

Gossip Less - The Desi Pinup

3. Go to bed at a decent hour:

Hmm, still working on this one... although my bedtime is not up to me - it's up to my 9 month old daughter!

Go To Bed At A Decent Hour - The Desi Pinup

4. Read a good book:

Now this is a great one! I've been reading a lot of books lately - check out your local library if you haven't in a while, they've got some amazing reads at my local. 

Read a Good Book - The Desi Pinup

5. Conquer your fears: 

Does transferring an insect from your house to outside count? Because I did that recently without making my husband do it!  

Conquer Your Fears - The Desi Pinup

The cute shoes as seen here on The Desi Pinup can be found here:
Pin Up Couture Wiggle Bow T-Bar Heels

Have a wonderful rest of your week and year! 

xx Melissa


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