Moving Logo to Centre in Shopify Venture Theme!

I have been searching for a solution to this for years and I have finally cracked the code!

Many Venture theme stores will know all too well about the frustration in trying to get information on how to fix this issue.  After all, many of the other Shopify themes have the option to centre the logo right in your editing tool.

1. Edit Code

From your left hand menu, select Online Store - Themes - Edit Code.

2. Find header.liquid 

In Sections, find header.liquid

3. Replace these lines 


<div class="grid__item small--one-quarter medium-up--hide">

Replace with:  

<div class="grid__item small--one-quarter medium-up--one-quarter">


<div class="grid__item small--one-half medium-up--two-thirds small--text-center">

Replace with: 

<div class="grid__item small--one-half medium-up--one-half small--text-center medium-up--text-center">


<div class="grid__item small--one-quarter medium-up--one-third text-right">

Replace with: 

<div class="grid__item small--one-quarter medium-up--one-quarter text-right">

4. Rejoice in your newly centred logo!

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